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Build a sales force that looks better, converts higher, and makes more money while using less precious time. Or dominate your office, remove the nervousness and doubt that comes with expanding your client base, and transform your "personal economy" forever.
This Book Targets The #1 Reason That's Killing Sales Forces And Getting Sales People To GIVE UP AND QUIT.
In our years of training salespeople, inspiring entrepreneurs, and transforming sales forces, the number one problem we run into is that they think selling is something you're born with.

That couldn't be further from the truth. It's not natural, inborn charisma (although that helps a little), it's understanding the core concerns of your market, practice, and a SYSTEM that works.

So they mash together a dozen books they've read about sales, struggle to piece a little routine together, and then struggle to repeat their success. Their sales depend on the client's mood and personal chemistry. 

This just isn't good enough. Anyone who tells you that sales is an art is conning you. It's a science, it's constantly advancing, and if you aren't working to improve every aspect of the process, you're falling behind.

So if you're a sales person who wants to increase your paycheck, then this is EXACTLY what you're looking for.
A proven system to fill your pipeline, close more deals, and make more money.

We've spent years working with leaders in every conceivable industry and we know exactly what transforms six figure a year businesses into six figure a MONTH ones...

It happens when you stop relying on luck, and stop hoping that you've memorized the important aspects of one on one interpersonal sales... and instead create a SYSTEM that allows you to sell more deals, predict with accuracy what your paycheck will look like, find qualified prospects and take them to close faster than anyone else.

The Sales Refresher is a 188-page guide that's focused like a LASER on letting you STOP working so hard to find deals and spend more time enjoying your commissions. And when we got the idea to give away our flagship book to you for absolutely FREE, we were excited.

•    We were excited because anyone can repeat our results, no matter their level of training.
•    We were excited because the results are easy to measure and improve. No more guesswork!
•    We were excited because our work produces a constant and improving stream of results, and we're hoping that YOU will be next to experience our results for yourself.

Now you never have to worry about the pressure you are under from managers to deliver every single day more than yesterday. again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you can't do your best work and deliver the sales you need to survive..

You'll feel it in your number of contacts, your second meetings, and your end profits.

meet the mEn GIVING YOU FOCU$.
Brad & Boyd Liski
Brad combines small-scale, entrepreneurial style sales messaging with high level media management that delivers even the most aggressive financial objectives. He's a serial entrepreneur, coach, and author who specializes in passing on his knowledge in a clear, simple way that people can take action on. He's spoken at national sales and marketing seminars across the continent.

Boyd has spent the last 25 years transforming struggling businesses into behemoths. His main strategies? Getting you years ahead of your industry's technology standards so you can leapfrog your competition. Opening new markets that are rich with buying customers. And every single aspect of go-to-market initiatives.

Together, they're Focu$SellingSystems. Two brothers, working over two decades, with one focus - giving business owners results based, recession proof systems.

We don't need to toot our own horn here. There are too many six figure Presidents, CEOs, all-star sales managers, and voracious readers that love our teachings and are putting them into action!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
"Delivers on their promise."
Allan Shaw, General Manager, Export Lumber Sales
“Living up to its title, The Sales Refresher delivers on their promise.  A book every salesperson should have with them at all times.”
"It is transformational."
Kevin Small, President & CEO, Agri-Tel Transportation
“ FOCU$Selling’s The Sales Refresher is like its system...absolutely impressive. With practical and proven moves, you just have to get immersed and go-for-it! It is transformational.“

“Amazing results – global markets were captured,  revenue more than doubled while our sales force was refined into a focused, motivated and profit generating asset.”

ALAIN VALDES, CEO Ultra-Span Technologies

“What a powerful playbook. Following the proven process and its precision was a game-changer in our business –  both the top and bottom lines.”

Peter Maconachie, President, Postime Signs

“Brad and Boyd created a masterful sales playbook in The Sales Refresher that pinpoints the sales qualities and tactics that sales professionals need for success. A thoroughly impactful read! This book should be owned and mastered by anyone who is serious about a sales career.”

Anders Boulanger, CEO & Founder, The Infotainers

"The Sales Refresher is a far and away the one book that can turn your frontline into a high performing, wildly successful sales force. The content is sensible, commanding and demonstrated well. So easy to master. You have to read this book.”

Michelle Lalonde, President, Tiber River Naturals
What's inside the SALES REFRESHER? •
When you have this book and put it into your business for a couple of months, you'll have an understanding of how many prospects you're reaching, how many are interested and how many are buying. You'll know exactly what aspects of your game to improve so that you become a master of your craft and your market in no time.
Here are a few important parts of our end to end system:
  • You have about seventeen minutes to make a lasting impression. Here are the exact steps we've taken to close six figure handshake deals RIGHT ON THE SPOT. (It's a flowchart you can print out and carry with you if you have to).
  • Roleplaying is SO essential to the success of your sales force. Reading all the books in the world doesn't matter if you aren't prepared to think of your feet and SPEAK. That's why we have extensive, live examples of every step in the sale process. That way you aren't listening to theories... you're imagining ACTION. 
  • Sales proposals that actually SELL. We built a seven figure business with and these six tactics as the cornerstone. We'll walk you through them and use our trademarked "H.E.L.P" loop to grab your prospect's "buying nerves" over and over again.
The reality of sales has changed, and building on your existing skill set will set you apart from everyone else. This book is the very best way to give yourself a raise, starting TOMORROW.
Page 15. Put down that phone. No matter how interested a prospect is, you will LOSE the sale if you don't know these five things before you speak to them. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 15.
Page 53. The questions we use to control the pace of our meetings with clients, get the answers we want, and creative a RAVENOUS desire to work with us again.
Page 68. The Competition Crusher. Whenever a prospect seems to be interested in a competitor, or thinking about going in a different direction, we use this device to become the ONLY possible choice.
Page 108. If you're nervous about asking for the sale, turn it straight here. We've reduced closing to a simple science - you can use one of these, based on the tenor of your meeting.
Understanding the systems inside The Sales Refresher, and bumping them down to a consistent, repeatable SCIENCE is priceless. But you're going to get it at ZERO COST. So, if you want our system, click on the button below!
BRAD LISKI & BOYD LISKI - THE SALES REFRESHER - Copyright @ 2017 - all rights reserved
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